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A side note

2010-12-18 00:18:27 by th3fallen0ne

Generally when I create music I create them to either tell a story, or as something that just plays in the background while you do stuff or just think about stuff. So yes, if some of my music sound a little repeatative, I meant it to be that why. I've done quite a bit of music, but don't plan to upload anything I don't think is good enough for others to hear and comment on. Thus saving myself all the bad criticism, lol. Anyway I don't know who's gonna reads this stuff, but I hope this will help people understand what I intend for my work. I usually get my ideas from other styles.


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2010-12-18 00:24:36

Forgot to add this, But since I just make stuff up as I go, I can have a hard time giving a tune a good fitting name. So I don't mind the critiques on that part. I can always change it.


2010-12-25 12:17:47

Merry Christmas!

th3fallen0ne responds:

Thnx :)